And Then There Was Darkness…

Chicago’s corruption knows no bounds. The seeds of mistrust entreat upon the walls of Elysium. No corridor is untrapped. No building is sacred. No person is safe. A haunting figure begins his plan. He seeks vengeance. he seeks remorse. Will he achieve it? Who knows, but many will suffer from it. All will know the fate of Chicago.

As she slumbers in midnight decadence, the city breaths well. Its turn for mayhem is nigh. He approaches. He aims to get back for what Brood of Power has done to him. His convictions rest not in his hands though. His plan is effortlessly changing to break the will of those searching him out. He must be stopped.

As the Prince seeks guidance in the anarchist matters, new problems will arise. New alliances shall form, and from all the least likely suspects shall come full force.

Now the battle for Chicago begins…where do you stand?

Chicago's Triumphant Darkness

Chicagoskyline 1